How to Modernize for a Rapidly Changing World

Derive Value from Existing Technology, Invest in Modern Cloud Solutions and Discover How to Successfully Drive Organizational Change For Your Small Business

How to modernize ebook

Getting it Right the Second Time Around: How to Modernize for a Rapidly Changing World explores opportunities for businesses to modernize their work environment by deriving value from existing technology investments and/or investing in modern cloud solutions to successfully drive change, empower users and reach new customers - all at a lower cost.

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What We'll Cover in this eBook

✔ A story of digital transformation for one SMB using cloud-based collaboration applications and cloud-hosted CRM
✔ The 4Cs to a step-by-step transformation: Collaboration, customers, communication, and cloud
✔ Debunking the myths of cloud services for SMBs
✔ Insights into the tools needed for an SMB to thrive, such as cloud productivity solutions and CRM software
✔ A look at Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365
✔ How to get started in order to ensure technology investments are right for your business